Tuning kit for 1-Transferport engines with side outlet:

  • Cylinder head "Il Naso" (CNC milled) suitable for high nose pistons, compression ratio 1:8

  • Kingwelle crankshaft (54 stroke) with upper needle-bearing

  • Head gasket (2mm) 

  • Milling template for outlet adjustment

With this kit, the engine power is 4.5hp at 9Nm. That doesn't sound much, but one has to keep in mind that these engines came out of factory with 3 hp. 50% plus on the road already offers some improvements in driving comfort.

Price: 849€

Here are the performance data:



We have been testing these cylinderkits since several years and for more than 15,000 km and are enthusiastic about the power these topend brings you especially at low revs. The modern cylinder layout and the quality of the materials is convincing. This topend has even more potential, thats for sure!

Upon request, we can supply you with the appropriate gear ratio and other useful tuning components (clutch, electronic ignition, special tuning exhaust). We are happy to build you this Pinasco engine using the desired level of refinement with the right gear ratio and the matching parts. For an offer, we only need to know your engine type and the desired performance level.
This could be the engine that we deliver to you: